Asrock h110 Pro BTC+ 10 GPU build.

6 MSI P106-100
4 Sapphire Rx 480 4gb
Server Power supply 2250w
10 USB riser Pci
1 power supply for two miner 12 gpu [ hp 2450w ]
ASrock h110 Pro BTC+ 15 GPU build
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Good luck , Happy Mining
  • Lim SK

    Hi Im having issue to use this board to mine for more than 3 gpu as it is stuck at the start up ask to install 4 pin power molex on it and i has did as requested then it failed to power up. would like to know do you face this kind of issue?

  • Cincinnatus 2.0

    why only 10 GPU? Board can fit 13... or it can fit 15 with simplemining OS and pcie extender

  • Rasec

    tried to use the pci-e M2 for another gpu?

  • abdelraheem

    Could you please help to me can use motherboard type ASRock H110 pro BTC to mining DASH,ETR

  • Kampuchea Picture

    Did you buy the PCI expansion card separately ? or it all including with motherboard?


    Bro how much did each gpu cost u and from where u get from

  • Josh Nance

    No electrical tape on the 1x adapters on the mobo??? I had to wrap mine in a layer, they were touching and would've shorted stuff out and caused errors or possibly hardware failure. Nice and extremely clean build. Mine has wires in a complete clusterfuck and i'm only running 8 gpus on the same mobo.

  • BrownKidinBeijing

    Dude the pci riser you are using is a bit old. Look in the board a few components are not there. Those stabilize the voltage spikes better.

  • jose quintao

    Can I use radeon vega on this board?

  • Nihad Alizade

    Hi Behzad. WHy you dont need to use CPU and also SSD card and RAM? Please explain me is it important for mining this 3 thing?

  • Alex Veen

    do you sell pre built rigs? if so let me know how to contact you, thanks

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