How to install EKWB GTX 1080 Ti Waterblock

"How to install EKWB GTX 1080 Ti Waterblock" no description available.
  • Markus Ortner

    It`s boring to look this video.You can make this work better, absolutly!!!

  • Late to the Show

    I have the same water block check out the new water block I've install with LED in my channel.

  • Volo Anansi

    that's the worst music i've ever heard in my life.

  • risefm

    Music made me turn it off in less than 1 min

  • bettlergott

    Hi, can you tell me what size did you use? 0,5; 1,0; 2,0 ......the thermal pad you know ?

  • S. Stallone

    Which brand and model 1080 Ti are you using?

  • Zfast4y0u

    i have 2 of this blocks on my 1080ti strix cards. and waterblock bridge connecting em, i have issue main card runs 2-3c hotter on idle then second one, and on load it goes up to 7-8c. even 9c sometime, could there be tim is poorly applyed? my second card runs sometime under heavier load then main one, and still runs cooler, max i saw it goes was 42c. while main one went up to 50c which is unreal to me.

  • Danijel Slunjski

    not bad without audio

  • Jun Wei Goh

    the thermal pad got different thickness how do you know what the thickness is it?

  • Ryan Myers

    Dude i so loved the part where you put. Every. Single. Screw in! TIME LAPSE THIS SHIT. And the f**** music are you kidding me kill yourself

  • Vincent Tuminello

    Thanks for this video, I have the same waterblock on the way for my Ti, and as for the comments complaining about no voice tutorial, it's friggin self-explanatory! Screw driver and 4mm hex driver, that's pretty much all you need! Author slows down to show you they are using 4mm hex driver. Geez.

  • Jayanth Chari

    how much did it cost to buy the waterblock?

  • Ovoschebaza

    Для майнинга отличная карты да к тому же они согревает воду в доме.

  • Muslumgursexx

    This video is up for a year but I happened to see it it today. I was wondering if you could use stock backplate somehow with the waterblock? This will help me a lot in deciding vertical or horizontal gpu mounting in my build.

  • Julian Lewis

    It's a great video, but you need to explain to your audience what you're doing. Otherwise, this was entertaining to watch :)

  • Alex Shiva Botez

    is there any difference between this wb and the standard aorus extreme edition one? does one cool better than another in terms of performance?

  • Borealis

    Thanks! Oh, that's right I can't afford the waterblock... let alone the actual 1080 Ti :(


    Is it compatible with GIGABYTE GV-N108TTURBO-11GD?

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