GTX 1080 Over $2.00 Per Day Mining !!

RX580 8gb

32gb usb drive

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GTX 1080 Over $2.00 Per Day Mining !!
  • Gangzsta

    you R rolling my man, keep it going.


    Hey I have a doubt I have 1050ti my system is not using the whole potential of my GPU bcz on stock settings my GPU temps are 50 -55 and I get 130sol on equihash and 250-270 on cryptonightv7 whereas I also have 1050 2gb which is running on full potential with temps above 65 and getting 150 sols and 300 respectively on stock settings .. what could be the solution please reply !!

  • Yan Lipavsky


  • Suaib Mahmud Palash

    i want to know which rx 560 graphics cards have samsung memory? please help me out of this...

  • paul Alain

    1080 makes alot for eqihash try swapping the rx 580 to cryptonyte ull make more

  • Jack George

    Hey Brandon, great video as always. What settings you got your 1080 on. Mine is only doing $1.74 and 530 sols.

  • james swain

    Your boy Spartan mining said the MSI armour ones hash best on Monero he got a video about it.Oh your showing it now as I'm typing.

  • theRickmeister3

    “We’ll be back in the promise land people ! “ hahaha I totally feel you on that. Holiday season is upon us

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