Rx 560 4gb on NiceHash daily mining update 12-31-17 bitcoin

Rx 560 4gb on NiceHash daily mining update 12-31-17 bitcoin

my gpus
gtx 1060 6gb
gtx 1050 ti 4gb
gtx 1050 2gb
gtx 750 1gb
rx 560 4gb
  • ilanrobz

    hey rx 560 2gb vs 4gb dollar per day difference?

  • Amine Mami

    yo brandon , i have RX 560 4gb and i can get 14.7mh/s on ethereum , contact me if u want help on BIOS mod

  • Cazan Delureanu Sorin Manuel

    Man what to buy amd rs 560 or gtx 1050ti ?

  • nexus390

    Hey! I wanted to say Blank from Norway

  • Car Geek PT

    i bought two rx560 gigabyte gaming oc 4gb for 130€... lets see eheh... you have another channel

  • Marcus Beach

    Blank. I am still waiting for the video with the NOS powered cards. :)

  • Polisbil

    Any reason why you put in so many 1060s instead of fewer but better cards? From what I've seen the 1060 really isn't that efficient compared to like the 1070. My single 1070 usually mines around 4.5-6 usd worth of bitcoin per day. Compare that to your 6 1060's 12-14 usd/day worth of bitcoin. Having that many 1060's also adds much more energy demands 3 1070s would beat 6 1060s in profit every day of the week and only draw 62,5% as much power

  • Ben Kwan

    What do you think about a 16 x rx 560 rig? Would it be profitable?

  • Dustin Smith

    Blank... are you going to stick with Nvidia cards. Or get a couple of amds too

  • SuicidaLx

    Something's wrong here, how can you mine $4.5 with 4 gpus when I mine $3.3-3.5 with only one rx 560 2gb gpu and amd fx 8320 on 7 threads. Your rig should mine a little bit more ...i dont know, im just noticing.And thanks for the vid, it's awesome!

  • Blake Whitton

    Blank, what part of the US are you in?

  • Tyrell Nelson

    Hi brandon, have you modded any of the Rx 560's? I modded my Rx 550' and wow! With cryptonight hashrate went from 300h/s to 400h/s and with ethash they went from 10.5mh/s to 12.5mh/s (might be able to push 13, thats a stock 1050ti)

  • NewHorizon

    Just found your channel. Pretty interesting and nice to see someone who is newer to the game. Trying to get started myself so you earned a sub just to follow your progress.

  • Kristan

    im just starting could GTx 1050 ti rig 4x for starter good?

  • Mike Lloyd

    Blank. Lol. Awesome. Thanks for the temps. I also noticed my dedicated rig room getting warmer as well with two rigs. I'm in middle of nowhere Tennessee so it's cool outside enough to leave the windows open to also help cool down the rig room.

  • muhammad anas

    Gtx 1050ti vs rx 560 which is better

  • EbrGbc

    este gordo es un pelotudo mostra el puto hashrate de la rx 560 y deja de hablar gansadas

  • Taurus Nel

    Blank and happy new year here from South- Africa to you and all your followers, where ever you all are.Blank blank nice video :)

  • Tyrell Nelson

    Get 310-320sol/s with 1060 3gb with DSTM miner.. 6bg cards get up to 340-350sol/s

  • Emr0x

    I can oc my 1060 for ethereum + 800 on clock memory -100 on core. Temps: 55-60

  • John Lopez

    I have a mix of GPU in a single machine rx 560 & gtx 1050 ti. Should I make it all one or the other to mine? can I run both nicehash AMD and Nvidia applications on the same machine?

  • Crypto Fish

    Thanks for the info on the RX560, I should be getting 2 of them in today for my first rig.

  • CryptoGuru

    Blank..... I wish more happiness for you :)

  • Hitz Net Portal

    what is the future of ethereum? what do u think?

  • John Braman

    what are you mining? equihash and skunk?

  • UnserRommel

    Would suggest you keep mining on nicehash, since bitcoin value is going down so it might be easier to mine. Also can you suggest me a mining rig I have a gtx 1080 rn on my pc, so what shall I add up for nicehash or ethereum would mainly appreciate if it is Nvidia.

  • Crypto World

    Nice man I have a rig that is similar myne is 7 570's and 1 580

  • I Am Oriaj

    bro don't show your wallet adress!

  • CryptoGuru

    Making my own Rig with 1070's :)

  • Charles Scott

    Haters be like "yOu OnLy NeEd OnE gPu" https://imgur.com/u1JVnX1

  • Cyber Command

    Signup today to mine Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies for only $2.20 a year with great returns. Redeem: https://hashflare.io/r/A5DFB834-2018Mining

  • Froy Cardenas

    I like to see your video how much you are making out of your rigs and the likes,,, I can see you have a GTX 750 1 Gb graphic card and it seems you are mining with that card (logically). My PC has a GTX 760 2 Gb graphic card... but the nicehash mining program says it doesn't support my graphic card. And before the hack I could mine with my CPU only but now I only get SOCKET ERROR messages and have never connected again to any pool. What can you tell me about my graphic card and the error I am getting? Thanks and happy new year 2018

  • Williams Agcaoili

    I thought you have to make. 01 to withdraw from Nicehash using internal wallet and .1 for external wallet, did they change that again? Blank blank blank....

  • wesley chin

    Coinbase is a bank. Use your own wallet

  • Saidi Chouaib

    I want to start building a rig with Rx 560 what do you advise me guys

  • Carlos Mendes

    Notice on your statistics you were mining in EU and USA servers. Why? Should you not be mining on servers where you live near?Btw, I like your videos, clean, simple, right to the point and no BS. Thanks man. +sub

  • Crypto With Incin

    Brandon, I need help. I set the wallet in nicehash as my coinbase wallet

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