Asus gtx 1060 3gb Dual O3G Hynix memory mining Zcash like a boss

"Asus gtx 1060 3gb Dual O3G Hynix memory mining Zcash like a boss" no description available.
  • Mario Passendorf

    With Hynix memory these cards can do maximum 20 MH/s with OC of course average is 19MH/s

  • John Smith

    Sol/W was not so good.. Was that stock settings? My 1070 Ti gets 4.4 Sol/W with 470 Sol/s @ 60% power limit. +225 on the core and +700 on the mem. Going to make a small 6 card rig for the lols and something to tinker with. Just not really sure yet if I want to stick with the 1070 Ti because I already have one or go with 1060 3gb. The 1060 3GB looks to be better Sol/$ although less efficient.

  • ximpjeh

    delvis11 could you share your OC settings and Bat file? I have the same card but only getting 255 sol/s

  • Alek trec

    Can you please share your setup miner, OC...? I have the same cards and are really bummed by ETH performance.

  • SM Digital

    how much difference is between 1060 with 3gb and 6gb memory in zcash mining?

  • Lee ellis

    I was nanopool mining Excavator with one Zotac GeForce GTX 1060 gpu card so far and added an Asus GeForce GTX 1060 and downloaded the Driver. It Won’t recognize Asus gpu. How do you add another gpu? excavator.exe -a pascal -s -u EXCHANGE_ADDRESS.YOUR_PAYMENT_ID.YOUR_WORKER/YOUR_EMAIL -d 2 -ca

  • Matúš Folvarčík

    Use "Bminer" software and you will get more than 300sol/s from each kard.

  • Claire Warnes

    Great video! I wondered if you might be able to help me. I was so inspired by your video that I did some research and built a mining rig and have 7 Asus 1060 3GB dual cards like the two in your video with one more on the way for a total of 8, to mine Zcash. They are on an Asus Prime Z270-P motherboard with a no frills Celeron processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD. I've installed the current Nvidia driver and all Windows updates and have overclocked the cards using MSI Afterburner, first using your settings of Power at 70, core 175 and memory 450 but that didn't get me much more than stock hashrates. I pushed the OC further and it runs Power 116, Temp Limit 72, Core +150 and Memory CLock +600 without any errors, but I'm only getting a good hashrate on one card. My hashrates are: 282, 221, 261, 254, 263, 262 and 216 which I don't think are very good. Those are the readings from EWBF 0.3.4b on Windows 10. Do you have any ideas how I might increase my hashrates please? Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Aaron Jesus Rojas SAucedo

    too bad temperatures, i have in 56 celcius, 90 w and 290 sols. ambient temperature 26°.

  • Amar Kumar

    Yo Guys I'm using 6 1060 3GB Asus, with hynix memory, ETH is at 112-115 MH/s and it works continually, BUT when I try Zcash the system freezes after a few mins :( I'm using Asus Z270-p, intel-g4400, Crucial 8GB Ram, Win 10 pro can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong ?? Single card keeps mining but when I use 6 cards it happens, Say more than one but for ETH all work continuously Please suggest

  • Sam Nickson

    How much OC did you get with MSI afterburners?

  • John Smith

    What are your setting for the 1060 3gb? 1070 ti @ $500.00 is roughly $1 per solution where the 1060 3gb @ $220 is about $0.78 per solution while mining Zcash. I know there are cheaper of each card but that is my current price for the Asus cards you have and the price I paid for my strix 1070 ti. The 1070 ti can be had for as little as $450.00 for the Zotac mini(putting it @ $0.90 per Sol if it can run the same settings as my Strix) and around $480 for the new Asus Cerberus card and MSI's top cards.

  • Dark Secrets

    you've got the wrong version of gtx 1060 for mining (even the same manufacturer produce different variations of the same model - same nvidia chipset). don't you research what gpu is best for mining? don't you research what factors you need to consider when buying a gpu for mining? don't blame the one you have.

  • MonsterTVchannel

    Thanks for making this video. I just bought a 13 gpu rig with these cards 😎👍

  • Deep Cryptomind

    I would suggest you to use genoil miner if you are only planning on mining ethereum only on your 8 PNY XLR8 GTX1060 rig.They achieved same hashrate with Claymore on Nividia cards and without devfee.I do have same experience on my 3 Palit GTX1060 Hynix cards. I let it mine on zcash instead since the hashrate is what it expects for a GTX1060 card (300sol/s) or higher if maxing out Power usage.

  • Le French Trad

    How are they performing as of today? Asus GeForce GTX 1060 Dual - 3 Go Thanks !

  • kehi66

    What PSU are you using on the 2 card rig? How many pcie connector are on that large EVGA psu? Thanks

  • DrLan76

    Which program you use for mining that show how many watt each vga consume? nice vid m8!

  • RandoCrypto

    Why not use DSTM miner? I gained about 8% More hashrate over EWBF

  • Crypto Joe

    how do you get the power usage to appear in console like that?

  • SwRm

    Well if you are using gaming gpus then that's what you get

  • Sam Nickson

    These cards look sick!!

  • Steve Decloedt

    I personally hate you fucking miners.. I can't build a pc because you idiots buy all the damn cards and drive the price up to a retarded amount

  • TechGuy77

    Ugh this is the reason why graphics cards are going up in price.....they need to make a processor just for mining. Tired of fighting to get a decent GPU cause they are all out of stock and then they move down to the next lower GPU.

  • Štreberi

    Are those carda still good for mining... 12x 1060 or 6x 1070

  • Michael B

    my RX580 does 28 MH for eth

  • Royce Holden

    Do you think this has something to do with the difficulty going down since the price has tanked over the last week?

  • Stephen Rimington

    Ilike and admire your videos they are very informative and i hope you do not mind me posting them on facebook with your user name

  • Achuthan Param

    I just recived 6 of them (with 6Gb) .... getting 19mh/s, as expected, BUT the watt useage of one of them is around 200Watt ..... i was WTF?!..... I am on ubuntu,...any one else experienceing this?

  • rahulakarockstar

    Hey buddy. how big was your psu with 2 GTX 1060s? I have a 500w psu. Can I use 2 gpus for mining on that safely?I have one now which consumes 85w.

  • Abdulrahman Othman

    What is the difference between 6gb and 3gb ?

  • Arun roshan

    does each card gives 24 Mh/s or 2 gpu give 25 Mh/s while reply put the like of your 6 gpu

  • SR HD

    delvis 11: Are these cards still mining perfectly a few months later? I just bought some and there are a few bad reviews. Please advise! Thank you for the awesome video.

  • ADAM1024 Hack

    its normal ..100 watt per card ?.efficiency like a zero!try 82 watt per card .zero memory and 120 corewith dstm ewbf is shittythumbs up if you like my settings.many night with no sleep

  • wilsgarc

    What settings for power and over clocking are you using ?

  • tuan nguyen

    how much power need do run two card gtx 1060? Can you for me model? thanks brother

  • carlos eduardo Reffor

    OC settings, please!!! ps. I dont know speak english

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