GTX1080Ti Showdown - MSI Gaming X vs Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme Edition

MSI Gaming X GTX1080ti vs Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme GTX 1080Ti, lets go!
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  • Michael A

    None could get a constant 60 fps or more on all tests. I guess we have a long way to go before we can game at 100 plus fps in all 4k games. Not so powerful in my opinion.

  • Sam Sadi

    HiThanks for the video, btw I have MSI GTX1080Ti gaming x, seems you are more supporting to Gigabit rather than MSII felt bad as I have MSI and no much difference in price between both Cards All good Man thx

  • Daniel Jones

    help guys! i have a 6800k clocked at 4.4 and the aorus card but cant overclock anywhwere near this and dont get the same resoults on 1440p, highest i can clock my core is 1750mh stable =0

  • Lee Moe

    The difference in frame rate and performance seems to be barely 1% to the Gigabyte. And when it comes to noise the Gigabyte has a weird whistling sound along with the fan sound (thank you for recording it rather than just explaining). Plus the Gigabyte is 60 euro more expensive (in The Netherlands). Thus MSI wins for my next PC next month :D

  • glorious Pc Master race

    31 fps on wildlands at 4k wtf

  • Adrian A

    Why Wildlands got such low FPS (under 60) at only 1080p . that game must be very badly optimized or what . Its not even that impressive looking to be honest.

  • Tech Showdown

    *Note: These benchmarks were done on my x99 Personal Rig but with a 6800K at stock settings rather than my 6900K at 4.2ghz which is why the numbers here are different from the last 1080Ti Showdown, these were both also done before I did the Creators update.Full System Specs can be found here:

  • Cok Jaya

    Gigabyte way of life

  • Eduardo Salomon Raydan

    I just got the MSI 1080ti Gaming X, I was barely able to installed in my case, I'm glad I got that one since its a little shorter than the other, just the right size.

  • Mustafa Sahin

    Hi, Can I SLI with these two cards?

  • Zalibidas

    Bought a regular Aorus. OCd it out of the box to over 2000mhz. Don't wanna pay an extra 100(in Canada) for an OC I may or may not be able to do myself. :PI say may or may not cus'.. you know, I'm kinda playing the lottery again if I buy the regular edition. x_x

  • Lydamis TheGamer

    msi Mode OC Base : 1 569 MHzBoost : 1 683 MHzGigabyte Mode OC Base : 1 632 MHzBoost : 1 746 MHz~50€ more expensive for ~1fps Identical card wholesale

  • Barrosy

    Aorus made a bit more noise imo from what I could tell from your video. Just a bit though.

  • Steej

    I've just had to return my's too bloody big for my case!  It's 12 inches long man!.By the looks of it the MSI is shorter, possibly about 11 inches maybe? If you still have them could you measure it please?

  • AirMaxPenny

    That is a very nice looking computer case, which one is that?

  • Scorpio Gamer

    I have the MSI one. Almost regretting now not getting the Gigabyte and should have to match the motherboard but I have zero issues with the MSI one. Big deal I lose 2fps on average. But seriously why buy one for 1080? It's complete overkill and you can save a few bucks going lower.

  • Sevos

    These cards are 100% the same just with different stock-clock, lol


    3:26 Is it me, or is that rear case fan spinning way off balance. And no I'm not looking at the offset sticker, the fanhub itself is wobbling lol

  • Upgrade Addiction

    Ha! I did a video with both these same cards! In my battle the msi came out on top after overclocking :)

  • DiLron TeZ

    hey great channal i just want to ask you are you in new zealand because im moving to auckland in few days i just want to know is there a place i can buy all the newly release gaming produts and all new tech stuff in auckland

  • Elbethium

    but what about the evga ftw 3, is the msi still a 1-2 fps close or not?

  • TenzoG

    Ghost recon is such a fucking shit game. But glad you tested it, nice to know how ubisoft dosent give two fucks about the PC community.

  • Paolo Amparo

    My gtx msi 1080 ti gaming x has been making a sound while playing with high fps. Is this normal?

  • geeman

    i got the none extreme for $999 and it's boosting in access of 2ghz with minimal voltage increase, although power is set to 150%. I also oc'ed the memory significantly to +220. Ive been playing Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus at 4k with ultra settings (several of the advanced settings only go to high regardless) and it rarely goes under 60fps. In other words the non-extreme can do exactly what the extreme can. I cant afford a ti so im satisfied with std Aorus 1080.

  • nigel marsh

    I am in the process of getting one now - the thing that makes me lean towards the Gigabyte card is the 4 year warranty - had a with heat in the top of the line card - living in Queensland so that is my concern

  • Inceptionz

    Hey I need some help. Been saving up for a new cpu. Which cpu should I get? I7 6700k, 7700k, or 8700k?

  • Tennis Fan

    what about the temperature on msi?

  • Pablo Kho

    Nice video, just what I was looking for - comparison between these two cards. I will pick the MSI Gaming X. Subscribing to your channel also.

  • daniel jamieson

    Hey man fellow kiwi here nice to see someone from NZ put together a fairly popular tech channel also able to put together some quality comparison videos. Keep up the good work.

  • Mihail Naydenov

    Gigabyte has a bit of bad rep in recent years, yet price-to-features they are unbeatable right now. The Gaming/Windforce can go as low as Pait in price and still have full 3 years warranty. Aorus are ALYWAS cheaper then Gaming X or Strix, and still have the same if not better performance. MSI is impressive in reviews, but if one factors in the price - they are overpriced, at least in Europe. And I mean noticeably - you can buy higher model of another brand instead for the same price (1060 3gb vs 6gb, 1080 vs 1080 Ti, RX 580 4gb vs 8gb, 570 vs 580, etc, etc)

  • Djinn!

    Your temp thing is incorrect. 50 percent fan speed doesn't have the same RPM then the AORUS on 50 percent

  • 3lectronic0

    Please I need Help, GTX 1060 Gaming X for $304 vs GTX 1060 Aorus 2.0 for $329 vs GTX 1060 Aorus Xtreme 2.0 for $329?I can't wrong with the decision, because I'm from Venezuela and I'm going to import it from Amazon, Thanks in advance...

  • Ranch

    So this is kinda random, i got my MSI 1080 Ti Gaming X and i cant seem to change brightness on the LEDs its set to 60 and i want it to 100 ofc... i can only change the MSI part with different colors but not brightness. Tried msi gaming app, tried mystic light, tried nvidia LED thingy... anyone that can help me or have the same problem as me? I would deeply appreciate it.

  • Antares

    but aorus cool down their mosfets and memory modules, so msi out of comparison with temperature of those out of 90C

  • cerberu999

    "both very good for overclocking"yeah, gaming x with its dogshit micron crashing at +100 memory. Fantastic.

  • RafaN1 ##

    Gigabyte aorus extreme edition 1080ti monster

  • epicwarding

    MSI is cheaper go with that

  • X-Herlo Her

    Nice review, i have decided to buy a 1080ti :D.....(FTW3-SLI)

  • lal alonsabe

    why not Extreme vs Lighning Z ?

  • K-plus tunjevina

    Getting the aorus just for the looks. Performancewise they are all the same.

  • issaciams

    Aorus was only better by 1-2 fps. temps would be the deciding factor if prices were very similar.

  • Riccardo vd Horst

    Is there a difference when both of them are Overclocked to the max speed? Because I wanna buy the MSI 1 but I am not sure...

  • Edison Trent

    I think its just luck of the silicone lotery sins my msi 1080ti gaming x runs at a hyer speed wen I enabel oc mode

  • Lesha Lyushen

    It's silly to compare manufacturers in fps when the main criteria in this are the temperature, noise and build quality (the presence of the coil whine).This is only a comparison of frequencies, where, obviously, will be stronger than Aorus due to the increased base frequency.

  • Terry plays guitar

    Great comparison test. I have watched a couple of comparison reviews for these cards but I saved yours for last as I love your channel. Great video that was well edited.

  • Alex Karykin

    очень хороший обзор . Спасибе большое 10/10!!!!!

  • Fredrik Thomassen

    it has a lower fan speed, "in what is regarded as the max fan speed, wich is different in both cards" ;)

  • Infamous Hunter

    Its always been the zotac amp extreme cards are the best

  • Chris Mac

    I don't get it the Aorus States it's 11.54" and the MSI lists at 11.42" yet in your video the Aourus look MUCH longer!

  • Stev A

    Really don't know how you could have a hard time deciding between the two. The Auros pitched a shutout in the benches, looks better, is slightly quieter and cheaper to buy. The MSI has too much red on it, is plastic, doesn't have as many features or as good software and is much more expensive. Easy choice for me.

  • Dennys Leão

    A 3770k i7 takes a gtx 1080 ti?

  • RuffPlay

    Honestly, all these cards boost different. Even within the same branding so milage will vary. I have the Gaming X Ti and I've already seen it hit 2100 mhz on it's own without Afterburner. But others have stated their cards only hit 2025 mhz. So it's all a lottery, you'll get whatever you get.

  • Psycrow

    Holly shiat joe !! how ritch are you holding 2 x TI cards mann !!

  • Rob Fisher

    Front panel HDMI on the Gigabyte one is quite attractive to me, since VR is the reason I'm thinking of upgrading.

  • Cosmo Dookie

    First when I noticed the price I was thinking - no way - thats the priceratio for Titan XPs.. then you said it: New Zealand-Dollars, allrighty, didnt know so far :)Nice Review!

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