Building a 12 GPU GTX 1070 Mining Rig Using SimpleMining OS | Biostar TB250 BTC Pro

I finally built a 12 Palit Jetstream GTX 1070 GPU Mining Rig. All 12 GPUs were made possible to run in one system using SimpleMining OS ( I tried my best to simplify and summarize the steps needed to build one so you can more or less have an idea how to build yours. Initially running at 5,000+ sols/s but planning on pushing it up to 5,400 sols/s soon.

Current rig components:
- 12 Palit GTX 1070 Jetstream video cards
- Biostar TB250 BTC Pro motherboard (12 PCIE slots)
- Intel G4560 Processor
- 1x 8 gb RAM
- 1x 32 gb Kingston USB drive
- 1x 1,200 watts server type power supply
- 1x 1,600 watts server type power supply
- 12x ver008c riser cards

Give this video a thumbs up! Hit subscribe if you want to follow my mining journey. Leave any questions on the comments section and I'll try to help out anyway I can.

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  • Hasan Koray ERGÜNEY

    hello, can i use it with only one psu or i have to install 2 psu even 1 is enough for my cards(6x 1050ti + 5x 1060). and do i have to connect both molex connectors to aux1 + aux2 ? Thanks to anyone who answer this.

  • Dudoy Arcega

    ask ko lng kng natry mo na mag simple os sa asus b250 mining expert ayaw kse nia mag tuloy pa ask nmn bro ng fb mo ill pm you thanks

  • dlare9

    might have missed this one, but is direction of the attached box fan going up or down, I assume up, since it need to remove hot air from the gpu

  • blabba abba

    this was very helpfull. Thanks.

  • TxFw

    I don't get the PCI Express Config page in the BIOS, why? I follow everything in the video until about half way right after he runs through the system agent config - at the bottom of that page (under chip set) it says PEX16_1 which I changed to Gen 1 but I don't get a new page titled PCI Express Config with a long list where I go through and change the PCIe speed on every line. Do I need the other gpus plugged in? Right now one of three is plugged in

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