radeon 7850 2gb - nicehash mining bench

use nicehash legaci
power consumption by mining xmr - 75 - 80w
xmr speed 385h/s - hicehash show profit 1dolar per day - 4.81h/w
gpu costs in 2017 - 35 euro
35eur =40,6 USD
electricity cost 0,1276 USD/KWH
40,06/0,755= 53,78 day

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  • sitbacknwatch

    How are you getting such high h/s? I'm only getting about 100 for my 2gb 7850 with equihash

  • TheNebraskanPotato

    what miner are you using?

  • NightRaven

    hes got the xeon running aswell


    im able to get over 425 hashes from my card on the lowest power settings ,memory clock at 1330 , and core clock at 900. Which comes out to 45 cents per as of now on cryptonight..oh and make sure optimized the card for performance by right clicking the amd settings icon in the bottom tray and switch the performance setting.

  • Amir Kay

    I only got CryptoNight around 356H/s.. I am envy of you. What driver do you use?

  • Oliver Dixon

    Any overclock or power reduction in Afterburner.. or just running all stock?

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